Computer Services - Everything from installation and setup to repair, virus removal and recycling. If you have a computer or need one, we are your one stop shop for everything computers.

Networking - Once you have your computer you will need to get on the internet. We can help you with everything you need to get started and will setup a solution that is flexible and scaleable. We know that growth is important and build all of our networks with growth in mind.

iPhone and Smartphone Setup and Repair - Did you recently buy a new smartphone or tablet? Need help getting it set up or have questions about how to make it work better for you? Not a problem, with years of experience with mobile devices we can help you keep up to date and be more efficient with your phone. If you dropped your phone or broke it we can fix that too.

Connected Home and Office - Do you ever forget to turn your air conditioner off when you leave the house? Do you want security cameras to watch your pets or valuables? We provide custom solutions for every home and office.

Audio and Video Solutions - We know you, you want all the best audio and video equipment on the market, but just don't quite know how to get it and install it. We have staff that's knowledgeable about all the best equipment and know how to install all of it efficiently, safely, and cleanly. All of our audio and video equipment comes from the best companies in the industry, including Sonos, Shure, Marantz, and many others.

Products We Carry